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Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Passion, and Purpose ​Consulting to working populations.

I have created responsibilities within my role of a private company involved in  integrated healthcare, wellness and rejuvenation. To be an active coach in educating and engaging working populations (their teens and children) in their personal brain health as a starting point for overall, optimal whole person health.

I'll take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Dr. Daniel Amen MD, Psychiatry for his contributions in the understanding of our brains and how they serve us. It is through his certification course that I am able to combine my experiences and academics with his professional guidance.

A combined 25+ year dual career in public/private healthcare including: Private practice 2007-2018 registration #15272 College of Homeopaths of Ontario (Sabbatical 2018-present)

  • Certified Brain health professional.                          Lifetime member since 2020- Amen Clinics

  • Child and Youth Worker since 1994                                Supporting TBI and similar brain health complexities

  • Kung fu student/lifetime member since 1999

       Agility, balance, coordination, hard chi kung

  • Product design Critical Illness Insurance, Special contribution. I met with global thoughts leaders of acquired brain injury from McMaster University to form an industry new qualification criteria for our newly renamed Traumatic Brain Injury definition 2013

  • Re-insurance Consultant natural healthcare benefit systems

  • Creator MeQuotient Universal Homeopathic Health Benefit without Borders 2021

  • CEO co-founder Chief Wellness Officer Centre 2021


Image (left) Lifetime member certificate issued by Amen Clinics


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