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My early career as a counselor was in a community living milieu serving adults with complex brain health issues. This led to the next 7 years as a child and youth worker in a hard to serve milieu. In my 4th year as a case manager of two residents, I was among a few select front line child and youth workers and larger case management team to pilot a first in Canada treatment and assessment model for dual diagnosed youth and adolescents presenting dangerous sexual behaviour. This work influenced how I would continue on my path as a health care worker with a  interest in brain health



Stressed Out? 

While occasional short-term stress may be beneficial, our bodies are not designed to be stressed for long time periods. 

Low mood, memory, sleep

Continually elevated stress levels have been linked to numerous health issues including...

Its Now 15 years in the Future

There are no guarantees in healthcare even with our best efforts to stay healthy. If we are healthy and survive a sudden illness diagnosis, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or other, then we are in the best condition to recover our health.


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Publications 2020

I am a content contributor of this soon to be released international publication. The Slick Sales Agent for professional sales people. This quick read provides a framework of self directed well-being, introducing the MeQuotient.

I am a chapter author in a International #1 best seller - 365 Inspiring Stories.

Healthcare/Education Benefit 2019

Probably my self described best program yet. HealthRecoveryPreventionFirst in its purest form is pending 2020/2021 release in Canada. An inspiration for change and innovation in healthcare reform.

Health Insurance Benefit 2015

I was invited to join a private product design team to contribute to a leading innovation in groups of 2 lives or more critical illness insurance. We called the product Total Living Care or TLC. I had the pleasure of helping shape the definition for comprehensive Traumatic Brain Injury coverage.

Healthcare/ Education Benefit 2011

I created Health Education Practice and Play program a program I work with was sponsored by BMO to show skills to over 600 children and youth over a 2 day period in Edmonton Alberta. The education includes the integration of the Chinese Five Element theory for dynamic fitness.

Healthcare/Education Benefit 2007

You never know when you are inspired to create a healthcare program. wHealthcare was ahead of its time introducing the idea of financial literacy as it relates to morbidity and financially responsible prevention first healthcare. Much of inspiration in health benefit design comes from this program.

Healthcare/Education Benefit 2004

Self directed wellness is an old concept with a recaptured meaning. At the time a seasonal "mental health child and youth worker", I was never comfortable with the words "mental health" or the idea that the mind and body were treated separately. Life science, Homeopathy provided a lens for everyone to identify and understand their unique "me" quotient. Engaging a whole person approach to restoring overall health including brain health.

Professional Homeopath

I am currently on sabbatical working on natural medicine initiatives for different countries around the world. I have a combined 25+ year dual career in child and youth work with brain health complexities, natural medicine consulting and health related insurance industries, including: private practice from 2007-2018 as a Registered #15272 with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

Brain Health Certified Coach

Amen Clinic

The skills learned  through the Amen clinic methodology are designed to help health advisors / educators / professionals lead to better client outcomes

Life, Health, Sickness Advisor

What started out as a way to pay my mortgage while upgrading my education in healthcare. Became a dual career in which I have been an agent, advisor, product manager, specialty product mga and specialty product designer of critical illness insurance. I have been continuously licensed

Child and Youth Worker

I began my career in healthcare as a child and youth worker with (often severe) brain health complexities. This work continues to positively influence my understanding of the complexity of the human condition.


Bachelors of Arts, Psychology University of Guelph

Kung-fu Lifetime Student / Instructor

I have studied four different martial arts since 7 years old and have been under the guidance of Master, Lee ChiWai since 1999. I am currently finishing an instructor level for Plum mountain Tiger fist

Chung Wah Kung Fu International Systems

Enhanced Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

A 3 day certificate course offered by the Faculty of Windsor University, ON Canada. Foundation of PIOC formula and BATNA.


David Rowland

Neuroscientist, Theoretical Astrophysicist, Economist, Author

I have known Anthony Rodrigo, iHEALTHe’s Chief Wellness Officer, for many years. He is on the leading edge of Canadian healthcare reform for his creation of a framework that provides effective and affordable options for self-directed well-being.

Jason Julian



Anthony is one of the country's best thought leaders and innovators in the Healthcare industry. His passion and dedication to combining health in the insurance industry will leave a lasting impact on the lives of many. His personal journey and story are motivating and I am sure it is a great source of his passion to help others. I am grateful to work alongside him and learn from his knowledge and approach to business and service to others by focusing on prevention first

Richard Gilbert

C.I. Specialist, Wholesaler, Product Designer

Anthony and I have worked together for a number of years and I am constantly amazed and impressed with his energy, creativity and diverse depth of knowledge in various areas. Anthony's alternative medical experience was invaluable in the creation of the absolute best Group Critical Illness Insurance plan currently available in Canada. Anthony is a "wellness guru" and his concepts and ideas are very refreshing. You can be assured that in any dealings you have with Anthony, your expectations will be surpassed.

Wendy Howes

 Principal and student services coordinator     (CEC East), YRDSB

Anthony Rodrigo encompasses the power of yet, the belief that even when a challenge appears unsurmountable, that working together, being loyal, honourable and respectful of each member of the team will equate to success. Anthony's positive approach, willingness to assume any role, quiet leadership and humility have made a significant impact on a classroom and the trajectory of the students and families lucky enough to have Anthony on their team. For Anthony, this is not work or a job, this is his passion. It is evident in all that he does and has contributed to the student, the classroom, the school and the school community. Anthony Rodrigo would be an asset to any organization. The organization would be represented with a commitment to excellence and loyal service.



Upon joining the team, Anthony became an active and dynamic member of the complex classroom offering intellect and insight into the ongoing case management of our most vulnerable students. The students we support have multifaceted needs and Anthony easily observes, supports and connects to his client/student seamlessly. Anthony has taken the time to get to know each member of the team and has a calm, caring and supportive manner in communicating with everyone. He has provided essential academic, social and emotional support and actively contributes and openly receives feedback. Mr. Rodrigo does a phenomenal job engaging students with a great sense of humour and positive outlook on life.

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