​Whole person healthcare, least invasive (natural) wellness, traditional well-being (tele medicine), rejuvenation, health recovery and prevention first, have now become critical for both employers, employees and job seekers. It’s not enough to just provide a group health benefits insurance plan or Health Spending Account. That’s where a hiring a part time Chief Wellness Officer adds a healthy value to your bottom line. Skilled in a triage of integrative natural and drug medicine practice, technology and specialized health recovery insurance should you encounter an critical illness diagnosis.




Canadians of all working populations (and those around the world) have had their attention turned to the awareness of brain health issues. As well as the  daily diagnoses and long term recovery required (such as) cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. This awareness has identified a need to fill the gap for companies  and to hire a part time Chief Wellness Officer (CWO).




The Chief Wellness Officer center is aligned with innovation and transformation in health benefit planning  while building engagement and capacity in health, wellness,well-being and health recovery programs and services. It is worth thinking about hiring a part time Chief Wellness Officer. Organizations from 1- thousands of employees, established business or start-up, Working with a part time CWO will help define your company culture for years to come. 




Each of us has heard and most likely said these words out loud about a family member’s health or their own health. “I just want to get to the root of the issue and not mask it with medical doctor drugs or put a band-aid on it. My first choice would be a natural solution. Introducing MeQuotient, the all about your healthcare, naturally first.Founded in a PreventionFirst approach to your whole person with a focus on brain health.

Author, Neuroscientist, Theoretical Astrophysicist, Economist I have known Anthony Rodrigo, for many years. He is on the leading edge of Canadian healthcare reform for his creation of a framework that provides effective and affordable options for self-directed well-being.
Health Recovery C.I. Specialist, Wholesaler, Product Designer Anthony and I have worked together for a number of years and I am constantly amazed and impressed with his energy, creativity and diverse depth of knowledge in various areas. Anthony's alternative medical experience was invaluable in the creation of the absolute best Group Critical Illness Insurance plan currently available in Canada. Anthony is a "wellness guru" and his concepts and ideas are very refreshing. You can be assured that in any dealings you have with Anthony, your expectations will be surpassed.
COO, CHS, FIC, Benefits Consultant Lifetime Million Dollar Round Table Anthony is one of the country's best thought leaders and innovators in the Healthcare industry. His passion and dedication to combining health in the insurance industry will leave a lasting impact on the lives of many. His personal journey and story are motivating and I am sure it is a great source of his passion to help others. I am grateful to work alongside him and learn from his knowledge and approach to business and service to others by focusing on prevention first
Principal, Principal and student services coordinator     
As an administrator of fifteen years | have had the privilege of working with and learning with and from many exemplary colleagues. What | have learned over this time is that you can build capacity and you can challenge people’s assumptions but you cannot teach the imperative moral and intuitive belief in the possibilities for all students to achieve. In my role of Principal and Student Services Coordinator, | have the honour of working with our Board's most unique, misunderstood and often, complex students.This year, the first year in this regional role, has allowed me to take on some significant challenges. | have also been able to see how the impact of one person, who believes in the endless possibilities of students and how collaboration and team work will enrich the learning for the student and staff alike.Anthony Rodrigo would be an asset to any organisation. The organisation would be represented with a commitment to excellence and loyal service.
Teacher Special education teacher
| have had the opportunity to work closely with Mr. Rodrigo during the late fall of 2018 until June 2018 in the Complex Needs classroom. Upon joining the team, Mr. Rodrigo became an active and dynamic member of the complex classroom offering intellect and insight into the ongoing case management of our most vulnerable students. The students we support have multifaceted needs and Mr. Rodrigo easily observes, supports and connects to his client/student seamlessly. Mr. Rodrigo has taken the time to get to know each member of the team and has a calm, caring and supportive manner in communicating with everyone. He has provided essential academic, social and emotional support and actively contributes and openly receives feedback. Mr. Rodrigo does a phenomenal job engaging students with a great sense of humour and positive outlook on life. He is a terrific leader and steady force when escalations arise. These are all essential qualities when a part of vulnerable environments. No matter what environment (school, respite, corrections, personal family support) Mr. Rodrigo is beyond capable and qualified. He would be a tremendous asset to any organisation. | wish him only the best in his future endeavours.

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